1) Finish, tweak, and test test test the printing code. I think I’m going to move Print Preview and document templates into version 2.0 — they’re wonderful features for my customers but the program is usable and worthwhile without them, and the sooner I can put this out on the Internet the sooner I can start getting feedback. Expected time: ~6 hours

2) Finish adjusting the CSS file to suit final design of my website. Expected time: ~1 hour

3) Write ~5 pages for website, including product information, buy it now, sample lesson plans (SEO bait mostly), about us, etc. Expected time: ~2 hours

4) Finish data generation for my (very lightweight) document by wizard feature. The full-on templating system in 2.0 will likely replace this. Expected time: ~3 hours

5) Write advertising copy for eBay and Payloadz, continue eSellerate setup process. Expected time: ~2 hours

6) Design Google AdWords advertising campaign. Expected time: ~1 hour

Thats 15 hours of work, which would put me at halfway through my working time on Friday, leaving all of Saturday for dealing with launch issues. Yay for projects which stay on schedule.