If you’re wondering how good of a website you can get accomplished with Notepad, a free design from www.oswd.org, and about four hours of tinkering… well, here’s your chance to find out!  My website is about half finished and half is good enough to slap the word “beta” on and shove it out the door so, without further ado, I give you Bingo Card Creator.  I was hoping to have the Free Resources section done by tonight but I worked less than I usually do on account of having come down with a severe cold.

OK, where’s my checklist.

For the website, to be done tomorrow:

  1. Add in Free Resources, Screenshots, Support, About Me pages.
  2. Use Bingo Card Creator and my printer emulator to export some PDFs to add to the Free Resources section.
  3. Write thank-you page for customers who have made a purchase.
  4. Create popup page to detect if JRE 1.4 or above is installed, and create page to automagically install it for IE (this uses an ActiveX control — soooo evil).

Other than the website, how does the schedule look.

  • The program: I believe it to be of shippable quality, at least on PCs.  The installer is no-frills at the moment but I can juice that up a bit tomorrow.
  • Mac version: Not going to make it in time for release.  Its going on the back burner for the moment.
  • Data files for the program: I have about 12 and I want to ship with “dozens”.  Making them is relatively quick but I want to choose fairly carefully which are available on the website, which are available in the unregistered version, and which are available only in the registered version.
  • Payment processing.  Payloadz will be up within minutes after I have an executable ready.  eSellerate’s response time has been superb but I forgot to sign and fax in their contract today, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow and hope my account gets unlocked before launch.  If not, oh well, unlikely I’ll be getting many registrations on launch day.
  • Unexpected difficulty: It just hit me about three hours ago that I should probably include a license.  I’m mildly panic stricken as to the prospect.