Well, unfortunately, I succumbed to a bit of a crunch time mentality even though this is supposed to be a non-crunch activity.  I just had a burst of energy (partially due to the drugs I am taking to stave off this cold, I think), and ended up working 9 hours on Friday instead of the 6 I have been allowing myself.  This brings the total time spent on this project to something in the vicinity of 45 hours, not including the daydreaming I have been allowing myself at work.

  • The windows version is good to go, including all data files.  You can test drive it right now if you want.  I quashed three bugs discovered in last minute testing (user interface things that I hadn’t realized *could* exist because I generally use certain interface elements in a consistent way — I always type extensions out by hand, for example, and didn’t realize they aren’t forcibly included when you don’t until late in the game).
  • The website is “complete ” except for the links to the payment processors.  I may still tinker with some advertising copy.  If I do say so myself, the Free Resources page is my best single idea in this entire project.  I detailed the plan for it in a post below and it worked out better than I could ever have hoped for… I hope.
  • My Paypal/Payloadz system is all ready to go.  The eSellerate system is at about 80%, and they haven’t upgraded me to a real account yet so they may miss launch day.  Oh well, I wasn’t expecting a large stream of site licenses to start pouring in.
  • A basic Google AdWords campaign is awaiting the start button, and I’m going to spend a good deal of launch day playing around with it and also Yahoo (which is offering a $25 free credit if you sign up now, which costs a $5 deposit which you’ll get back in clicks anyhow — such a sweet deal).