Well, I’ve been flogging my software on eBay for the past week.  The first auctions will be ending tonight, we’ll see if anything sells.

Since eBayers are rather notorious for being accutely price sensitive I dropped the price to $12.95, then on reflection moved it to $14.95.  $12.95 puts me at right in the region where a single pack of Dolch Sight Word Bingo cards costs, when you factor in shipping (please, eBay users, please show me you know how to do addition).  Of that, I pay $.60 for listing plus 5.25% + 2.9% + … darn it, it adds up quickly doesn’t it.  Oh well, shipping cost is still zero and production costs are still zero, which means I still clear ~9-10 profit per sale.  Needless to say, this is a lot less than $20 per sale on my website, but as my website is not generating many hits or demo downloads yet (averaging one a day from folks actually interested in the software) and my auctions on eBay are seeing traffic, watchers, and probably bids starting tonight…

At the moment I’m still experimenting with my presentation, which is just plain text at the moment.  I figure for eBay less is more, although I’d prefer having a testimonial or three to throw in there.

Why am I even bothering selling on eBay?  At current volumes, there is no way it will ever be worth my time.  Mainly, its because it lets me quickly try out selling copy (although users on the general internet are going to be different than the eBay folks, I’m guessing, especially as they’re more likely to be teachers and eBayers are rather more likely to be parents/homeschoolers) and because it provides me with some cash to spend on more advertising and server fees for the next couple of months.  Sure, I could fund this project with my day job until the sun goes nova, but whats the fun in that?