One of the nice things about running an uISV as opposed to, say, a fast food franchise is if you decide to take the weekend off to go camping the “store” keeps happily running by itself.  Of course, unlike your local McDonalds I have neither billions and billions served, nor actual sales :)

Priorities for this week:

1)  More Wizards for the product.  I had expected Dolch Sight Words to be a killer app for this but apparently not — only one teacher has downloaded the trial after coming to my page looking for a sight word list, and while that keyword is cheap as anything its still not cheap on a per-action basis relative to Make My Bingo Card and variations.  (My clickthrough rate on those advertisements is above 10%, and roughly 25-50% of clickers go on to download the demo).

2)  More editing of the Dolch landing page.  I think I’ll actually put the Dolch word lists up with conspicuous “click here to get it in bingo card form” buttons to induce people to try.  At the worst I’ll get some people to link to me just to get the word lists, and perhaps some minor search engine traffic.

3)  Update my sitemap to be ready for the Goooogle crawler’s imminent return.

4)  Start plugging the uses of bingo for things other than reading.  This entails writing word lists and/or Wizards (the math wizard should be doable in less than 30 minutes, so thats on the agenda for tonight — all it requires is a GUI and a for loop).

5)  Rewrite eBay advertisements, make them attractive HTML this time, launch 5 buy-out listings at $14.95.