So an update on the hacker situation: my software got cracked yesterday by a Chinese warez group.  (They even went to the trouble of translating some of my marketing material into simplified Chinese — thanks guys, I think…)  I’m not super worried about the effect this will have on the success of this project, but its really annoying to have my highest traffic day ever as a result of a steady stream of traffic from their website.  If I had a .htaccess file available I’d redirect them to some choice comments* but, alas, I’m on Windows hosting and have no clue how to do that without borking something.

  • I’d have to ask my little brother the Chinese diplomacy beast how to actually make choice comments in Chinese, but I suppose redirecting their requests for my executable to something which had the Japanese flag as a splash screen and all the buttons replaced by “Falun Gong Forever!” would cause the desired level of consternation.