So on my lunch break I was browsing the Internet and chanced upon Matt Cutt’s blog, and read the legal papers out of mild curiosity.  I noticed a throw-away comment buried in there, got a little miffed, and decided to do some minor venting on the Internet.  And I finished my workday, went out to bid fairwell to a friend leaving the country, and when I get back to my computer I’m on the front page of WordPress.  Google certainly inspires some passion in people, what can I say.  I understand that (and, if you’ve been following my posts about AdWords, you know I’m in general a fan), but there’s limits to my love of everything.  Except chocolate ice cream and cute kittens.

Anyhow, back to comfortable anonymity and the pressing business of saving teachers time and money.  Speaking of AdWords, mine seems borked today.  I’m showing a conversion rate of 0%, which is highly statistically improbable (somewhere on the order of 3% if you assume my past performance is indicative of expected results — statistics & probability was my favorite course in high school).  Even more strange, when I go to Analytics it shows 0 traffic for the last 3 days, which is crazily borked — yesterday I had normal stats up to the usual reporting delay.  Ahh well, kinks in the system, I’m reasonably sure they’ll get cleared up soon.  On the plus side, before Analytics started swallowing its tail I noticed that at least one person was able to successfully download the demo and check for updates.