I love both my jobs, actually.  I just got my brain picked for an hour and a half by an elementary school student who had a school project to find a foreigner and ask them about schools in their country.  So he and his mother went hunting among everyone they knew asking “Do you know any foreigners?” and they eventually came to the team leader of another group at my company, who threw the request laterally to my group, which lead to me getting to chat about school uniforms (“We didn’t really have those”) and guns (“We didn’t really have those, either”) and To Kill A Mockingbird for an hour.

And while I was away from my desk I got two thank-you letters (“I’m telling all my homeschooling friends!”), a support request (“So how’s that Mac version coming along?”), and a sale.  This whole “get a sale every day” thing is starting to get a little overwhelming (yep, last 5 weekdays I’ve gotten 1 or 2 sales a day).  If it hasn’t just been a fluke I might have to break down and seek professional advice.  $24x30x12 > $8,000 per annum, and thats enough for, e.g., the government to start wondering “Hey, where is that all coming from”.  I’ll have to get legal before legal gets me.