I had a lovely weekend hanging out with my brother, although it was a weeeee bit more expensive than I had expected it to be.  In general terms, a day trip to a major Japanese tourist destination like Kyoto means I budget about $100 for myself.  Two people, five days, lots of travelling, well, you do the math.  Luckily, the cost of the trip was somewhat defrayed by waking up every morning to a sale.  I really love that feeling: “Hey Tim, Suzie from Ohio just bought us lunch!” (ok, most of lunch).

I highly recommend having a web mail service so you can quickly bang out the customer contacts while you’re away.  I dealt with about 5 emails, mostly “Can your software do this?” (No, but working on it), questions about bingo in a large group (hey, I guess I am the de-facto expert now), and a refund.

August sales are now $300 and climbing, and I just sent Robosoft’s author his $99 as promised.  I also promised a post-card but wasn’t smart enough to scan it before mailing it, so imagine you see an Edo era painting of a really gigantic wave with the enscription “Thanks for the excellent piece of software.  Sincerely, Patrick McKenzie, Bingo Card Creator”.  Incidentally, if you’re reading this and not already using his service: what are you waiting for.  Seriously.  $99 might sound expensive but it paid for itself in about a week and thats not even counting the increase in organic search rankings that about 100 links will get me.