Long time readers of this blog will probably remember me describing MSN as a very cheap date in terms of SEO.  Well, perhaps I shouldn’t have been so dismissive: she’s now my #3 source of hits (after Google AdWords and, er, this blog oddly enough) and my #1 source of sales for last week.  Apparently she’s rather popular with non-technical audiences, just judging from the search queries I’m getting.  I’m flabbergasted that I get the rank I do for some of these: you would think “bingo cards” would be a fairly competitive search (cough gambling cough) term but somehow I’m still on the first page.

In other news, I think the Google Dance has begun.  I got a sudden spike of traffic from them yesterday, far higher than my previous peak, and its mostly for people *not* searching for “bingo card creator” so it can’t be a warez release or something.  Maybe I got moved up in the PageRank or something for all these minor searches.  Ironically, my conversion for Google organic searches is terrible (10%) because most people are looking for Dolch sight word lists and get them and leave without trying my software.  Sigh.

Speaking of search engine results: for the 5 people who found this blog looking for “Bingo Card Creator registration key”: you’ll find it in the mail you got after you purchased the software.  If you didn’t get that mail and expected to, send me a quick email (my first name @bingocardcreator.com) and we’ll get you squared away in a jiffy.  Oh, and if you didn’t know where you can get a registration key, that would be here.  Try the big red button on the right side of the page, you can’t miss it.