I seem to have fallen into the pattern of doing these every two weeks or so.  Seems reasonable.  Same disclaimers as all the other stats: these have analog accuracy in a digital world, my customers are across the date line from me so there might be edge effects with other stats updates, my accounting practices are horrific, yadda yadda.


Full price: 14, +1 refund (customer purchased twice)

Bits du Jour promotion (40% off): 2

Gross sales after refund:  $354.25

Net sales after Paypal/Bits du Jour commission:  $332.06


Hosting: $5.01 (half of $10.02, my GoDaddy bill every month)

AdWords: $37.47

Subtotal: $42.48

Profit: $289.95*  

Well, that’s certainly a sliiiiiight increase from my last two months ($25 and -$2, as I recall).  And the month isn’t over yet.  I also expect to spend approximately $50 on getting my software onto Tucows, but they seem to be having verification trouble with my credit card at the moment so I suppose I’ll have to sort that out first.

My goal this month is to break $600 in sales and profits of about $450.  This might be a little on the aggressive side, but I think I can do it if the Mac version gets up on the major download sites inside of a week and starts kicking booty.

Oh, here’s a fun progression for you: my sales every two week interval since launch.

1, 2, 6, 8, 16.

Unfortunately, I think the “it will continue increasing geometrically!” assumption you might have from high school algebra is a tad aggressive.  But I think I’m well below the maximum amount of sales I can get with reasonable effort — I’ve got more promotions to try (getting my Halloween bingo page ready this weekend so it gets search engine rankings in advance of the actual day), more advertising campaigns to run, more tricks up my sleeve, more products to launch (I’m rolling out Bingo Card Creator on a CD this week — you can actually buy it now if you want), and more optimizations for my website (the purchase page is not as much of a tour-de-force as I want it to be, so that will be getting changed).

  • While normally I’m not a very spendy person this is already earmarked: I’m increasing my payment on my student loan by $300 so I can afford to pay $300 less in October (when, incidentally, I will be paid off in full — yaaaaaaaaaaay, debt free).  Then that $300 which would have been transferred home in October gets to stay in Japan with me until December 2nd, when I will exchange it for a Wii.  So expect blog posting in December to be very, very light.  :)