Blog posting has been light due to me being persistently busy with work and a social life, and the business has been more or less running itself.  Here’s my list of stuff to do in near future:

  • See if the Text Link Ads I just bought (trial, really) are going to produce a positive return or not.
  • Get software listed on Tucows (I paid $52 for it, not listed yet)
  • Figure out why my clicks from MSN crashed this last week.  75% decline from my largest source of clicks is worrisome, even if I did have a gain in Google that offset the decline.
  • Thank my lucky stars for having the foresight to create the Mac version.  50% of my (limp) sales this week.
  • Fix thanks.htm because apparently I broke Google’s tracking code *again*.  Oh well, at least I’m positive all my customers are getting their registration keys correctly now — my #1 support issue has vanished totally.  (Big hear-hear for e-junkie, incidentally.)