Update: See Nick Hebb in the comments for something I didn’t think to check for.  This won’t work.  Ahh well.  I’ll leave it up for posterity.

I guess I shouldn’t be mentioning this but, hey, I’m a giving type of guy. One of the best decisions I made during the creation of Bingo Card Creator was cutting my web site designer out of the budget and going with a design by Sang Nguyen which I found on Open Source Web Design. This is my advice to anyone who is wondering how to cut a major expense item out of their budget while not compromising the customer experience much — I am positively thrilled both with my design and with the amount of work I didn’t have to do to get it running.

There has been a discussion on the Business of Software boards recently about whether paying a web designer is a good idea. Cards on the table time: I think not, unless you are getting a site which has functionality in addition to eye candy, an under-market rate, or a web design which positively sings to you. Here is my trump card for the superiority of oswd over a designer: the designer won’t give you a PR8 link to your site for nothing. I just discovered oswd will do that. Granted, its not a maximally effective PR8 link — it will eventually scroll from the front page of links (faster as more people come to know about it — at the moment it appears to be close to the best kept SEO secret on the Internet ;) ), so it won’t be at one click of depth from the front page (!) for forever. But hey, which part of “free PR8 link” are you complaining about?