Summary: A strong early start to the month with a weak finish due to some problems with hosting (you can’t sell it if people can’t get to it!).  Same disclaimers as all other stats posts apply.


Items Sold: 22 download + 2 CD + 3 refunds (the refunds were largely “customer error” this month — somebody was actually willing to pay $29.95 for the CD and $24.95 for the program on it, which shocked and amazed me!).  Missed my goal for the month by a unit.  At least 4 of these were for the Mac version (I say “at least” because some folks install the trial, like it, Google or directly navigate to my page, and then purchase — if they don’t purchase from a link within my application I can’t capture that they were originally using the Mac version, and folks fitting this profile account for 50% of my sales).

Gross sales after returns: $533.95

Net sales after CD/Paypal costs: ~$500


GoDaddy: $10.02

e-junkie: $5.00

Icons for website: $49.95

Google AdWords (almost a positive ROI this month, after getting socked): $90

Total Expenses:  $154.97

Net Profit: ~$350.00

Not bad for missing most of a week of sales in there.

Website stats:


CTR: 3.87%

CPC: $.10 (finally starting to trend down after the Quality Score algorithm moved most of my 15 cent bids to 10 cents)

Conversion-To-Demo: 23.91% (not bad, not bad)

CPC: $.43 (not going to be cost-effective above 30 cents, though.  I’m scraping that in the last week with some new alterations I made.)

Website proper:

Visits: 4,500 (note: pirate spike for about 600 in there)

Pageviews: 10,000 (note: pirate spike for about 1,000 in there)

Major sources in order: Google, AdWords, MSN, link in program, Blog (!), Yahoo, other

Trial Downloads: In excess of 1,000 (website records 873 hits on download.htm, which results in a download for “most” people, not going to bother breaking out the individual download sites this month, but come 1.05 I’ll be tagging the executables so that I can at least see website vs. vs. Tucows).  This would put me at approximately a 2.5% trial-to-purchase rate.  I’m quite happy with that.

Confirmed Installs (user takes action from program to visit my website): ~300

Best Performing Pages, Ranked In Terms of Money I Get Per Visitor:

Click on “Purchase Now” from Mac Trial: $10.64 (i.e. about 1 in 2 converts)

Click on “Purchase Now” from Windows Trial: $2.36 (i.e. about 1 in 10 converts)

License: $2.28 (One of the least visited pages on my site, incidentally.  This should be instructive for folks who obsess about their licensing terms — make them fair, make them short, and you can safely forget about them.)

Support: $.27 (for folks who actually mail me, its probably closer to $8.  Good support pays.)

Purchasing (my “sales” page): $.18

Somewhat suprisingly, the page describing my guarantee doesn’t make the list, although I now flaunt that on every page in the site with a big, appealing graphic, and I also flaunt it on the purchasing page, so I suppose most folks don’t feel the need to learn more about it.  Judging by the uncertainty most folks who ask for it have, I’d guess they hadn’t even seen the page (“Is this the right address?  Could you tell me who I should talk to to get my money back?” etc).