After having an extraordinarily poor month in December (I suppose I should post stats for that), mainly due to the influence of Christmas and Christmas vacation, January has been going like gangbusters.  I’ve had my two highest sales days ever yesterday and today, and have already sold more in January than the entire month of December.  I’m not entirely sure whether this is due to a spike in interest due to the new term starting (which means teachers need a new first day of the term game) or whether it is due to me now being on the front page of the search for bingo cards on Google, which has resulted in a sustained doubling of my traffic.

Hairy Irish has mentioned in the past that January is always a good month for him, and this could possibly be a seasonal bump here, too.  I wish I knew what his market looked like so I could tell if they looked anything like my own, but as he is happily anonymous I guess I will have to just speculate.  (My totally unsubstantiated guess is that he sells software to a broad horizontal consumer market.)

Regardless, I certainly hope the trend continues.  If I can finally find some time alone this weekend and don’t fall ill again (this last week I’ve been laid-low by a cold) I hope to get a new version of the software out, which will provide a short-term spike in downloads and hopefully a modest long-term improvement in conversion rates.  It incorporates many of the improvements in printing and layout that folks have been requesting.