I had a bit of a situation this weekend and decided to post the resolution here because God knows a Paypal customer with a problem has not a friend in the world.  Hopefully the magic of Google will get it to the right people.

This weekend I tried to withdraw money into my bank account and I got an error: “You must confirm your primary email address before you can withdraw money”.  Which, of course, I had already done.  Trying to reconfirm my primary email address caused the error “You have already confirmed this email address”.  I faced the unpleasant prospect of having to communicate with Paypal customer service — oh no!  Luckily before that terror came to pass I tried adding a new disposable email account to the Paypal account, which worked like a charm (without needing to be set as my primary address, so no disruption happened with my IPNs or e-junkie).  I’ll let the disposable email address sit there a while, as I have the totally unsubstantiated worry that adding and removing addresses in a rapid fashion could cause a fraud review.