Its only been a week and this might be getting drowned out by the pre-existing positive sales trend in January, but I thought I would comment on what the recent purchasing page overhaul has lead to.

 First of all, I moved the option to buy a CD from purgatory at the bottom of the page to front-and-center.  This has greatly increased the number of CDs bought and the number of people who express interest in it by, say, clicking the add to cart button or sending me an email.  (Yes, I really do get emails saying “I see this option to get a CD.  Will you really send me a CD?  What do I do to order a CD?”  “Click the link or push the button.”  “Thank you!”)  I anticipate shipping more CDs in January than I have in history.  This is making me reevaluate whether I should increase the price of the CD option or not — currently, they cost me $4.50 each and I charge $5.00, and $.50 doesn’t even cover the effort for me to go to and input the order.  Then again, if the existence of it encourages people who wouldn’t otherwise buy to buy the software, then I’ll subsidize CD orders night and day just to sell the associated license.

People are rather shockingly likely to pick Checkout through Google.  I was thinking I’d get rather little through there for a while.  Nope, they rushed to half of my sales — all of the users seem to have had their account for 0 days so I’m guessing they made the account just to place the order with me.  Good news for Google, bad news for me — that means the ordering pathway is twice as long as it should be!