I have been using CD Fulfillment’s default CD image since I started issuing the CDs.  While its utilitarian, it doesn’t exactly present a great image of my software or help my technically-disinclined customers through the process of getting the software to work.  I have just gotten done creating an image which will be hopefully slightly more helpful in this regard.  This won’t be the final edition, as I’m concerned that there is too much text and that it will cause folks’ eyes to glaze over.  (If you have suggestions for alternate wording, please, fire away).

Note this image is not the uncompressed BMP that CD Fulfillment will actually use to burn the CDs.  You can click it to see it in its 927×927 several megabyte full-sized glory.)

Bingo Card Creator CD Label

 Incidentally, I have been thinking of moving my CD fulfillment away from  cd-fulfillment.com to SwiftCD.  I have resisted doing it so far because the reason is inherently selfish — SwiftCD integrates with e-junkie, which means I would no longer have to type order information into cd-fulfillment.com’s interface.  The downsides are that the CDs would not look quite as nice, the price to me would go up from $4.50 (with shipping) to $4.99 (without), and I rather prefer cd-fulfillment.com’s ability to put customized instructions on their invoices to SwiftCD’s inability to do so (at least when going through e-junkie). 

I suppose I *could* go ahead and create a Perl script accepting information from e-junkie, then firing off an email to cd-fulfillment to get them to create and mail the CD…  But that will have to wait for another weekend when I have some time to kill…