I know its not technically the 15th, but I’ve been busy. 

Sales this month started out strong and then Valentine’s Day rolled around and smacked me.  I really need to start anticipating holidays and releasing special versions/ads for them, because otherwise my sales tend to decline to zero around them.  Note that the following numbers are not quite contiguous with the last stats update, because I gave that on the 30th in a month that has more than 30 days, plus I reach the 30th a day before my market does.  Oops.  So you could increase these numbers by 3 sales if you want to have a full accounting of how much money I’ve made since last time.

Gross Sales: $294.45 (11 total, no refunds.  4 CDs requested)

Fulfillment costs:

   CDs: ~$42*

   Paypal: $7.64

Other Expenses (through end of month):

    AdWords: $45

    GoDaddy: $7

    e-junkie: $5

Total Expenses: ~$108

Profit: ~$195

 *Note: This number includes 3 CDs more than customers actually ordered.  One of those is a proof copy of the SwiftCD CD for myself, so that I can see what the customers get their hands on for the purpose of being able to explain it better (sidenote: I would oh so appreciate a live preview feature for making changes — cd-fulfillment doesn’t have one either but they do include some simulated sample invoices, etc, so you have a general idea).  The other two are replacement CDs for two customers who got CDs from cd-fulfillment.com with a graphic that I had sized correctly, resulting in labels which are below my quality standards.

Other statistics: my traffic, number of downloads, and number of confirmed downloads have been at sustained peaks for the last week and a half.  (Wish me luck — typically, my sales peaks trail download peaks by about a week.)  I know average over 400 visitors on weekdays and about 200 on weekends, whereas my comparable figures for, say, November were about 100 and 50.  This is after discounting traffic which I receive from my blog, which has been far higher than usual recently after I had a few high traffic posts.  (The one immediately below about dealing with problem customers has had about 5,000 views and, to judge by the email responses I am getting, has rocketed far out of my normal English-teacher-or-uISV-owner demographic.  I’m getting notes of commiseration from people as diverse as real estate agents and medical malpractice attourneys.)