I just got my SwiftCD in the mail (I ordered a copy myself so that I could take photos for the website) and, I must say, it looks rather slick.  In my haste to get a picture I used my cameraphone, which while 2 Megapixels (did I mention I live in Japan?  Phones here can practically perform brain surgery) is not quite the ideal platform for taking a picture of a flat surface.  The green bit is the notebook I was using for a backdrop, which ironically is currently filled with notes for my second project.  Anyhow,  the printing is astonishingly clear (even the teeny-tiny text on the CD is easily legible) and in person it looks very professionally done.  Even the Bingo Card Creator bee is recognizable in all his 1/4th of an inch wingspan glory.

SwiftCD of Bingo Card Creator

Anyhow, the timestamp on this order was sometime on the 9th (America time).  It shipped on the 12th (America time) and arrived on the 19th (Japan time — approximately the 18th US time), which I would consider pretty good since there was a weekend which got in the way before order shipment.  What an age to be living in where you can get a package to a little ricefield on the other side of the world in about a week for 84 cents.