Capsule Summary: Owing to my carelessness sales are quite down this month.  Profits are down quite a bit, too, but a bit less thanks to improvements on Google AdWords spending.


Gross: $454.15 (17 total, 6 CD, no refunds of consumated sales but lost 1 to Google verification, not included)


E-junkie: $5

GoDaddy: $7 (I prepayed for 2 years so technically its about 10% less than that now, but a few cents either way aren’t going to kill me.) 

AdWords: $45

CDs: ~$50 ( covers more CDs than I actually needed for customers, due to some replacements and proof copies)

Profit: ~$345

 Website-wise, I had my best month ever by a significant margin, and if I hadn’t borked the download most of my visitors were getting and my conversion rate had remained steady I would have hit about $800-900 in sales without breaking a sweat.  D’oh.  Oh well, thats what March is for.  I’d break out the actual stats but I have a St. Patrick’s Day parade to attend in Nagoya today and need to get ready (yes, they’re two weeks off, but the notion of Japanese people throwing a St. Patrick’s Day parade is so charming as to forgive the fact that they miss the actual day by quite a margin every single year).