I run a small business which distributes a program that creates bingo cards, appropriately named Bingo Card Creator. Google has since picked up on this and that sends a lot of folks here who are looking for many types of bingo cards, and as it happens you can find them on my website for free or make them with the free trial of Bingo Card Creator.

Christmas bingo cards

I sort of went hog-wild and made a whole darn website about these.  You can see it here.

Valentine’s Day bingo cards

It being February already, most folks are preparing for Valentine’s Day, and some of them might be looking for a fun activity for classes. If that sound’s like you, you can get some free Valentine’s bingo cards over at my other site. If you’d prefer to custom-tailor a set for your family or class, try out Bingo Card Creator for free.

Harry Potter bingo cards — Yep, I made a set of Harry Potter bingo cards (you’ll want to scroll down, there are many sets on that page). You won’t find them in Bingo Card Creator as I have moral qualms about profiting from J.K.Rowling’s work. The direct link to a set of 32 of them, which should be more than sufficient for any purpose, is here (warning: PDF file).

St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards — For over a year, this post said how ironic it was that despite being named Patrick I didn’t have a set of St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards.  Well, I finally fixed that by makign a set of them.  You can either use that set or, if you want one which is custom made, you can write one yourself in approximately 3 minutes with the free trial of Bingo Card Creator. Have a wonderful holiday with your families.

Musical Bingo Cards — These are sort of tricky to make by yourself, so I’ll save you the trouble. You can download a free set of musical note bingo cards, also in pdf format. They’re mostly for teachers who need to teach students the values of common notes, rests, and what some annotations (treble cleff, bass cleff, etc) mean. If you need to make more complicated musical note bingo cards you can read my instructions for doing so with Bingo Card Creator.

Sight Words Bingo Cards — The absolute quickest way to make these is to download the free trial of Bingo Card Creator, go up to the Wizards menu, select Reading as your subject, and click on your grade level. That will give you the list of all the Dolch sight words for that grade level. If you want to see what the cards look like when printed out you can take a gander here.

Most Popular Bingo Cards — I keep a constantly updated track of which of the 200+ bingo cards are recently the most popular with my customers. You can see it at http://www.dailybingocards.com/popular . The Top Five are usually a mix of holidays in the near future and a smattering of subjects that teachers find consistently useful — cellular biology bingo, anyone?