I have been unreasonably busy with the job search and other assorted random stuff (and its truly a random assortment: my younger brother wants to become a novelist and sent me a proof copy, etc).  This has caused me to fly passed my self-imposed deadlines for actually talking about the second project.  Well, its “second project” no more, because a) I’m really hating how clumsy that is to say and b) I have a domain name or two burning a hole in my pocket and no more reason to keep quiet about them.

My LLC (paperwork not quite in yet and won’t be for a while, but its on my desk) is going to be called Kalzumeus Software, and I guess this would be the official unveiling of that name.  I am an ardent proponent of the theory that product names are more important for branding purposes than company names as a uISV (and the product name is about as boring as Bingo Card Creator).  After all, the company is just a legal fiction designed to give me an easier way to relate government authorities and other corporations who expect entity-to-entity rather than person-to-person relationships, and almost all of the folks who I’d really want to be interested in my ongoing concern rather than my products identify it by my name.  So I picked a name which is a little self-indulgent.

Its 9 letters long, easy to mispell (Calzoomius? and about 300 variations), and means nothing to most people.  On the plus side, this made getting the domain name fairly easy and, unless this post has been indexed by the time you read this, its totally unique on Google.  The story behind it is more than a little bit on the geeky side: its a talking dragon from a long-running series of RPGs my friends and I used to play, and as the dragon was smart, cheeky, and just a little insane I thought that was as good a mascot for a software company as anything.

Anyhow, plans are currently to go through whatever legal flimflam is necessary to transfer Bingo Card Creator over to Kalzumeus once it is officially opened (likely towards October or so), and to have it debut simultaneously or thereabouts with the second project, which for the sake of my sanity I’ll call the Kalzumeus project until I can actually release the product name.  Until then you’ll be able to find everything relating to the project and the company under the Kalzumeus tag on this blog, and eventually they will be making the transition to dedicated blogs.  I plan to continue this blog about Bingo Card Creator as long as I’ve got anything useful to say about it.