Waaaaay back when I was deciding what to call the program that eventually became Bingo Card Creator I looked into the possibility of calling it Teacher’s Pet.  I have since learned about good practices for naming B2C software and that idea strikes me as extraordinarily silly now.  Luckily, I was prevented from actually calling it that by folks owning all the obvious domain names, including www.teachers-pet.org .  I then looked at Bingo Card Maker (taken, rats) and then settled on Bingo Card Creator.  I forgot totally about teachers-pet.org and then got a blast from the past today reading the logs — a decent sized trickle of users coming from them.

Apparently despite the PR2 they’ve got quite a number of regular users, because they put up a link to me about a week ago and its getting fairly steady traffic at about the same level as my AdWords campaign, and converting pretty well, too.  (14%, just a few points off organic search traffic)  I didn’t have anything to do with them putting up the link but, hey, I’ll take it.  Its always nice when folks take time out of their day to do your marketing for you.