Capsule summary: treading water with the end of the school year, but see my next post about how summer is being much better to me than I expected.  (I was expecting sales for June to be barely enough to cover my AdWords campaign.  They are already over half of May’s.  Traffic has gone up.  The explanation is probably going to be of interest to you… but my hands are aching so it won’t be given today.)

Sales: 22 (with 10 CDs — note that that e-junkie cart change made ALL the difference!)

Gross sales: ~$600


Paypal: ~$10

GoDaddy: $7

e-junkie: $0 (usually $5, but they tossed me the month free when a system glitch caused me to have to manually process 3 orders.) 

AdWords: $52

AdCenter: $11

CrazyEgg: $9

SwiftCD: $49

Total Expenses: $138

Total Profit: ~$452

 I’ll talk traffic trends next time.