Since I started using e-junkie almost 9 months ago (has it been that long?), I have gotten three automated emails every time someone purchases from me:

1)  Copy of the payment receipt from Paypal or Google Checkout

2)  Copy of the IPN information, from e-junkie

3)  Copy of the customer’s registration email

That worked pretty well for a long time, and I always had a brief catch in my breath when I saw Thunderbird downloading “1/3 mails on the server”.  However, with the numbers of sales I’m getting this month (26 at last count on the 20th — keep in mind 30 is my best month ever), it was starting to get a little excessive.  Not that I mind every other email I received telling me that I had money, but it was getting harder to spot the mails which actually required action from the ones which were just for my reference.

So I turned off one of the three notifications.  If my sales go up about 25% more, I’ll be going down to one email per transaction.