Not very uISV related, but I’m flying back to Japan today to return to my new contract.  As one of the purposes of this blog is networking, I thought I would mention it so that folks would mentally fill in the “Hmm, he might have the right experience for this opportunity…” box. 

Where: A software consultancy in Nagoya.  No, I won’t identify it.  (Honestly, though, “The one with the white guy” really cuts down the field substantially.  White guys are so rare where I live that letters from the Social Security Administration to Patrick McKenzie @ my prefecture get to me, no address necessary.)

What: Half Java server programmer (I’m going to get very, very familiar with the J2EE stack, finally), half being interface with the Indian outsourcing team which doesn’t speak any Japanese.  I’m always willing to learn new things and it looks like I’ll be getting some much needed management experience, too.

What vertical: Enterprisey stuff.  Folks familiar with the Nagoya area might wonder if I mean automobile manufacturing.  I can neither confirm nor deny, but I can confirm that of the 20+ positions I looked at approximately 18 involved automobile manufacturing.  (Nagoya is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Toyota group.)

How much: More than I make with Bingo Card Creator. :)

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years: I have always hated this question.  Ask me in five years.