Courtesy of Paypal I now have some bright new Paypal buttons to attract visitors with.  Take a look at the difference (which you can see in context on my purchasing page for Bingo Card Creator).

We replaced this frumpy old standby:

Buy With Credit Card (Old Graphic)

with this larger, more descriptive, and infinitely cooler looking button:

Buy With Credit Card (New Graphic)

Now, personally, I kind of liked having the credit card icon logos above and slightly dominating the call to action but, hey, this is what CrazyEgg was made for.  (Yep, I have my test set up and ready to go.)

I also replaced the old Paypal logo:

 Buy With Paypal (Old Image)

with the new one:

Buy With Paypal (New Graphic)

Again, larger, bolder, more descriptive.  (It also matches the colors of my site, which is a happy coincidence.)

Finally, since I couldn’t bear to leave Google out in the cold, I updated their image as well.  Its a little smaller than the Paypal image, and I would fix that except the brand-building wizards prohibit me from doing so in the license for their image.  Thanks a lot, guys, I’m only trying to make you money…

Buy With Google (Old Graphic)


Buy With Google (New Graphic)