… Bingo Card Creator is finally getting its own blog.  I have only had ninety minutes to work on porting the site’s template over to WordPress, so it isn’t quite ready for primetime yet.  You can see what I have got if you go over to www.bingocardcreator.com and append “wordpress” as the directory name (I am not putting a direct link to that because that is not going to be the final name and I’m not quite ready for it to be seen by Google, and hence customers, yet). 

Not a bad ninety minutes, actually, especially for someone who doesn’t really know PHP or CSS.  My remaining tasks are

  • get the blogroll and categories to look consistent with the rest of the sidebar (requires some diving into WordPress internals)
  • fix the sitewide CSS so that the top navigation bar includes a nicely bolded Blog entry on the right hand side
  • set Apache to redirect the blog’s URL to the wordpress directory (the real URL thus stays portable and can have a more SEO-friendly name than “wordpress”)
  • pick a title.  I’m leaning towards “Teaching Resources” for raw SEO punch or “Teacher’s Pet” for something which has a bit of style.  The title tag will naturally incorporate the words Bingo Card Creator as well.
  • get comments working so that they are properly skinned throughout the site.
  • oh, yeah, write some content.

I’ll post when the blog is ready for prime-time.  At that point, if any exceptionally generous folks out there wanted to put it on Google’s radar, I’d be oh-so-greatful.  Granted, it will be indexed almost instantly after it goes into the sitewide navigational layout but links directly at it from “disinterested third parties” will really help my SEO efforts.