I think it has been about twenty hours since I posted the job request for folks to help me out with a random task for my uISV.  I succeeded far, far beyond my expectations in finding folks willing and able to get the job done.  I look forward to seeing the output from the experiment, and I’m sure that even though I’m going to end up buying a few more bingo cards than I was budgeting for for starters that it will be at least as productive as the giant amount I spent on AdWords last month.

If you’re wondering “Hey, I wonder what the heck he is going to be doing with dozens of PDFs and GIF files of bingo cards?”, make a little mental note to check back this weekend.  Assuming at least some folks are done with the  deliverables by then I should be able to roll out my little brainstorm.  (This also assumes that I will be able to successfully code to save my life on Sunday, which is doubtful as Saturday is the annual Old Boys/Old Girls get together in Kyoto and I fully intend to be karaoke-ing to the break of dawn.)