I’m stupefied by the number, I just crossed into the five figures category today… and sales are accelerating.  Let’s bust out a graph, shall we? 

Monthly Sales for Bingo Card Creator

(Edit: It belatedly occurs to me that I took that screenshot in the middle of a mouse hover.  This is what I get for operating a computer after a night of karaoke.  Ahh, well, the Japanese won’t kill you.)

The October 2007 figure is an extraordinarily conservative estimate.  (I quoted $1,500 but I’ve already sold $1,250 and the month is only 2/3rds over, with a holiday and a version upgrade coming around the bend.)

Profits are somewhat less impressive, as I’ve shelled out ~$250 in one-time expenses to get the linkbait which I will launch this weekend ready.  Check back tomorrow for details.