I run a business which sells software that makes custom printable bingo cards and every time a holiday comes around people come out of the woodwork looking for them.  Seeing as how Thanksgiving is about a week away I thought I would put up some cards I had made to make everyone’s life a bit easier.  You can either download a free copy of Bingo Card Creator from the above link and make your own custom boards, or you can mosey on over to Daily Bingo Cards and download 8 premade Thanksgiving bingo cards .  Yep, they are indeed totally free.  Feel free to use them, print them out, pass that link on to your friends, blog about it, whatever you like.  If you need more than eight, download a free trial of Bingo Card Creator and you can print up to 15, or purchase the full version and print as many as you like.

The cards have only words on them.  I suggest if you have little kids letting them decorate their cards with markers — drawing turkeys is always fun, but watch out for that darn brown ink, it has a bad tendency to seep through paper straight onto tables/hands/clothes.  (Between working at an office supply store and then being a teacher of young students I have learned far, far too much about the personality of various types of markers.  Brown is a royal nuisance, but black, black is the killer.)

The instructions for playing Thanksgiving bingo are on that site as well, but given that it is a holiday you might be wondering how you can spruce things up a little bit.  Personally I’m a fan of giving everyone their cards before the big cooking marathon and letting them get a free space on the card for any dish that they help prepare.  (You might to stick a little thumb on the scale for the little ones — it is unlikely they can make cranberry sauce but they can certainly help you wash cranberries, so give them credit for it by marking off the cranberry sauce section.)   Then you can play bingo after dinner or, if you’re not exhausted from cooking, do it before dinner and let the winner carve the first slice off the turkey.  (Especially popular with little ones, although I’d imagine you’d want to assist them with the carving.) 

I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday with your families.