Hideho everybody, and welcome to 2008.  If you’re still reading this after me taking nearly a month off to crunch at work and visit my family, I owe you a double-plus helping of good wishes for the new year.  So, let’s see, what is up for Bingo Card Creator and this blog in January:

1)  Bingo Card Creator 2.0 will be officially released sometime this weekend.  The major improvements include a tweak in the printing code which has resulted in making most cards much more readable and the addition of close to 200 extra word lists to the product, derived from the Daily Bingo Cards project.  As they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. 

2)  I am also increasing prices at that point, although the Back to School sale will take the edge off of them.

3)  I know I have said this before, but the big announcement with Google should actually happen next week.  (I just tell you what they tell me.)  You can keep an eye peeled here or you can keep an eye peeled at the AdWords blog, as I’ve been informed they’ll be cross-posting the announcement there.

4)  I have one of those meaty blog articles in the works about competitors.  The short version: I recommend having them, but mostly ignoring them.  It will be posted here when it is ready.  I’m also working on a longer elaboration of my remarks about choosing a name for your product/uISV.

5)  I’d post more, except there is a bonnie lass who I haven’t seen in a few weeks as a result of going back to America.  Sorry, gents, but I have my priorities in order.