Hideho again everybody.  Based on the stunning success of my last call for freelancers, I decided to do this here rather than wasting time and money going through one of the freelancer sites.

What I need done: I want someone to take the basic template for www.dailybingocards.com (the one for each individual card) and reskin it so that the layout is roughly the same but the overall color and scheme theme is different.  I’ll tell the specifications of the theme to the designer I end up selecting.  This will involve skinning the top banner and all graphics (except the card, naturally) to match the new theme.  Design to be done in HTML, and you can grab any of the existing structure as a base if you want.

Why I need this done: I have a linkbait idea.  It involves bingo cards and is highly topical.  After you get the theme done, I’m going to integrate it with a bit of Rails and some content that I’ll develop, and then launch it.  And, mark my words, this is going to spread.

How much work is this: I’m anticipating this is under an hour or two of work to a decently talented designer.  I’m not doing it myself because, let’s face it, my design and visual skills suck.

What do you get paid: $100, payable via your choice of either check delivered in the US or Paypal.  I’ll also pay for the expenses for any stock photos needed, within reason.  I estimate it takes about 2 weeks for the check to arrive and Paypal would be pretty close to immediate.

How you can be sure I pay: If you’re reading this blog, presumably you have trust in me already.  Anyhow, the last time I hired a bunch of freelancers this way, I paid out as expected and was pretty generous with the bonuses.  References upon request.

Bonus: You can include a link to yourself in the footer.  If I do any decent job promoting this concept, and I’ve got high hopes, that will be a fairly valuable link and your design will be seen by, conservatively, tens of thousands of people.  No, I will not let you use the link to sell Viagra or mortgages.

Any restrictions: Work has to be done new for this project.  I don’t really care where you live and what language you grew up speaking as long as you can follow directions.  However, there is one significant requirement here which will be obvious once I tell you what the theme is that is going to favor Americans and others who have a good understanding of American culture.  I’m not saying you have to be American, but it will help you complete the job quickly.

The usual legal disclaimers: You are acting as an independent contractor and represent that you have the legal permission to work wherever you’re working from.  After I pay you, the design and other deliverables (images, etc) are mine.  (I’ll let you keep a copy around for your portfolio.)  I’ll be blogging about this project after it is launched, and if you want I’ll mention that the visual part of it was created by you.

How do I apply: I expect to get many folks interested in this opportunity, and will choose on the basis of caprice, any previously existing reasons I have to trust you, and your portfolio.  It would be a good idea to submit a few links with your e-mail.  The general visual style is a bit Web 2.0ish and a bit on the American-as-apple-pie.  Shoot me an email at my-first-name@bingocardcreator.com if you’re interested.  Feel free to pass this offer along to anyone you think might be interested. 


Patrick McKenzie