Logo Candidate #1

Candidate #2

Candidate #3

 As a common comment about the new Bingo Card Creator redesign was that the current logo doesn’t really play well with a blue/green color scheme, I had a few new logos drawn up with an eye towards possibly replacing the logo with one of them.  I used LogoSamurai, whose art style really captivated me from the first time that I saw it, although I have some reservations that it might be a little too hip for my customers. 

Of the three above, I have a clear sentimental favorite, but I’d be interested in hearing your take on things.

Incidentally, their checkout process had the most brilliant upsell I’ve ever seen: “You’re about to buy a logo for $67.  But wait, for just $50 more, you could get 2 additional logos.  What is not to like?”  Indeed, that is a great deal and minimizes the perceived risk of the transaction (getting a logo which you don’t like) while grabbing them additional sales from the folks they have already persuaded to become customers.  Good call.