I just paid ~$16 to the excellent Robosoft folks to renew my subscription to their updates for the submission service, and lo and behold, it seems that Regsoft is now doing the same scam that SWREG got into hot water for earlier:

Regsoft Scam

To add insult to injury, they put my order through extended verification because they’re afraid that I’m trying to scam them.  (This happened when I purchased Robosoft the first time — IP address in Japan + billing address in America = fraud screening.  I need to remember to use my US proxy server next time, so that my profile looks like a smart crook rather than a dumb, legitimate customer.) 

(For those of you who haven’t heard of this before, the scam is that if you hit that Continue button or the link right next to it, your credit card gets charged $9 a month until you call up the number on your statement to cancel it.)

And if it were anybody but Robosoft, and would probably have called Visa already to report a probable fraud in progress.