In my continuing desire to split test the heck out of everything, and my continuing total inability to graphically design to save my life, I went back to the LogoSamurai folks and got some buttons designed for the website as drop-in replacements of my current ones.  I’m also getting some made by my web designer Gursimran, and will be testing tNew buttons to testhe two against each other (and, of course, against the current set) and keeping the ones which are most successful at driving the conversions. 

Gursimran isn’t done with her set yet, but since the Logo Samurai guys are, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek.

As you can see, these are much more Web 2.0 than most web sites in my niche, and quite different from the previous look&feel for the Bingo Card Creator site.  That’s why we test them, of course — I don’t want my opinion on what my customers want to calcify and blind me to the actual facts of what they act upon.  Gursimran has a very different visual style so I’m intensely interested in seeing how things work out.  (Sidenote: I love the pencil!)

Cost for these, incidentally: $60, $15 per button.  I had to convince Gursimran to take money for the buttons, as she wanted to just throw them in with the price I already paid for the web design.  As great a deal that is, I would feel really terrible imposing on her like that — professionals should not be afraid to charge money for services, in my opinion.

Plus, if the winning set of button increases my trial conversion rate by 1% and/or my purchase conversion rate by 1%, that would work out to be quite a bit of money.  I also like keeping all of my freelancers happy with me, as I feel it will tend to get me work done in a timely and high quality manner, and thus prevent me from having to go play Russian Roulette with the freelancer sites to find a replacement source of talent.