For those of you who are a little askance with the idea of handing over your information to the Google Borg, there is a new analytics package out there you might like: Clicky.  Having used it for a day or two, it doesn’t offer all that much unique from Analytics which is useful to a uISV, but it has some usability wins (no need to tag URLs on your website, automatically tracks downloads and inbound/outbound links, etc), and there are features to stalk particular folks across your site if you’re into that sort of thing.  Personally I wouldn’t suggest it but if you had a webapp with a privacy policy which allowed it it might be a useful support tool.

One thing folks sometime neglect when making a webapp, and I’m certainly guilty, is making it look gorgeous.  Clicky does not have that problem.  I’ll be honest: I signed up precisely because it had the “new car smell” to it.