After getting out of work at 8 PM (early) and back home at 12 PM (typhoon) I find myself with not an amazing amount of productive energy for today.  I sketched out a few interface screens but don’t will probably trash them before I even get to work tomorrow, so there is no reason for digitizing them at the moment. 

Seen On Other Projects:

I hope folks are following the other 30 Dayers as they’re all worthy of your support and many of them are doing very interesting things.  So far, one of the projects which has really caught my imagination is the poker graphing utility that Steve McLeod is working on — not so much because I like poker or gambling (I only do either in Puzzle Pirates — arr, matey, and I have lost enough booty that way to field a virtual flotilla), but because I’d be interested in seeing how he plans to promote something cleanly in an online field saturated with scum and villany.

Alright, to bed with me — I’m hoping to get to work early tomorrow, leave early, and have a few hours to myself to start cranking out prototypes.