Keith and I just put in a full day’s work on the program.  It is shaping up nicely — well, the design at any rate.  I spent most of the day fighting old, outdated versions of Capistrano and Deprec to let me get Rails to a deployable state from my Vista workstation to my shiny new 512 MB Slicehost slice.  I expect that I’m going to really, really need the extra memory to have enough MemCaching and Mongrels available to serve all the requests, since many of them will be originating off-site and the entire point of the system is to help people go viral.  (Hopefully not TOO viral…)

I also found some wonderful OSS to integrate in with my planned features today.  More news on that later, as I think some of them will not hit the shipping window, and I only want to show off stuff that will, for the moment.

My rough sketch of the implementation agenda:

  1. Skeletal widget implementation (i.e. what I have for BCC, except generic)
  2. Widget rototype including the Lightbox implementation
  3. Widget creation workflow
  4. Widget maintenance page
  5. Account creation
  6. Account/user management
  7. Billing (ugh — not even decided on a payment processor)
  8. Admin backend
  9. Stats tracking, graphs, and all that jazz
  10. Emails
  11. Periodic tasks
  12. Home-rolled Analytics