Thanks much for all the help guys.  After several days of plugging away at outstanding little niggles I think both the PC and Mac versions are in a releasable state — and particularly with regards to the Mac folks in the audience, I couldn’t have done it without you.

I’m pumped about seeing my results in the coming months — with 400+ new cards, improved functionality (including one of my most-requested features), and general improvements, I think this could quite possibly kick me up another notch or three.  I’m also interested in seeing whether natively compiled .exes beat Java-requiring versions in a head to head test.

If you want to go to and check to make sure I haven’t done anything stupid for your system, I would be obliged.  Here is an example of something stupid: four days ago, I used svn update to upload a  controller (the C in “MVC framework”) file to my site to fix a bug on one of my sidebars.  I neglected to notice that the same controller also implemented the split test for windows downloaders, which broke downloading the free trial for 4 days.  Argh.  Oh well, no sense crying over spilled milk.

I also went ahead and did something I’ve been threatening for a long time now: raised prices.  Or, rather, announced that I will be raising prices in about a month.  We’ll see how that works out.  And, as always, I’ll keep you posted.

Now after 14 hours of day job and pushing out a release in the same day I richly deserve a nice warm shower and a few minutes of the new Naruto game before bedtime.  (It’s awesome.)  Good night!