Well, after a few hours of work I have revamped the way BCC presents its public stats.  You can now see everything from one single, easy location:  http://www.bingocardcreator.com/stats

Part of what I’ve been working on recently is taxes for 2008.  This required actually paging through and entering my expenses (oh, did I mention it tracks expenses now?), which is going to result in a bit of an earnings restatement for 2008.  I think I have everything but one stray freelancing invoice accounted for now.

Sales for 2008 (less returns): $21,116.65

Expenses for 2008 (excludes taxes): $11,782.62

Profit: $9334

You can see the detailed breakdown here — the big green slice is profit (~45% — a bit lower than I expected).  If you just want to see the relative expense breakdown that is available, too.  Unsurpisingly, my number one cost is advertising — the overwhelming majority of it is Google AdWords but I also paid much smaller amounts Microsoft, Stumbleupon, and a few directories. 

Since I’m using this to generate taxes for my business I included some things for my non-BCC projects which I intend to productize eventually but haven’t gotten around to yet.  Incidentally, expenses before 2008 aren’t totally entered yet, take that data with a grain of salt.  I don’t have easy access to all my old 2006/2007 credit card statements, and don’t even get me started about Paypal.