Well, I spent 1.5 hours today working on the newest version of Bingo Card Creator, after hoping to spend 6 or so.  Drats.  What’s on the agenda:

  • Fixing a display bug when editing the Free Space! under certain conditions.  (Done already.)
  • Moving the default Save/Open directory to the OS-dependent default save directory (i.e. My Documents) rather than the BCC program directory.  This is mostly for Vista compatibility and general ease of use.
  • Moving the location of the license file to the user’s home directory, rather than the BCC program directory.  This is for Vista compatibility and, as an added bonus, it will eliminate the “reenter your license key” headache for upgrading Mac users from here on out.
  • Big feature: Bingo Card Creator is going all web 2.0 and storing its information in the clooooooooooooud.  Just kidding.  Tentatively labeled “Save to Internet” and “Open from Internet”, this lets BCC users work on files at home, work, school, or wherever without having to drag the files along with them.  It also paves the way for an upcoming new product I’m going to launch.  (Three guesses as to what.)
  • Import: While BCC can technically import from a plain text file already, I’d like to give users an easy cut/paste option to get words into it.

I hope to have something to show you guys by, oh, say next weekend, and am aiming to release this by my birthday.  (April 16th)  Funny trivia: 3.0 raised to the 3.0 power is 27, which will be my age on my birthday.