I’m wrapping up day two out of the five-day vacation I have for Golden Week, and have not quite gotten as much accomplished on getting the new version out as I had hoped.

Task list to embarass myself into working hard tomorrow:

Bingo Card Creator 3.0

  • Client connects to server, validates license key
  • Server accepts connection from client, validates and if necessary reissuses license key
  • Client contacts server, server saves word list to database
  • Client-side GUI for saving word list to server
  • Client contacts server, server responds with word list
  • Client-side GUI for loading word list from server
  • Client contacts server, server responds with list of client’s word lists
  • Client-side GUI for loading word list from server
  • Client contacts server, server responds with PDF of specified word list
  • Client-side GUI for configuring PDF
  • Client-side GUI for saving PDF
  • Update license agreement to clarify usage of server
  • Client requires acceptance of updated agreement to use server
  • Set e-junkie to use automatically generated license keys instead of saved ones to stop reissuing the same key (sidenote: my fault, not theirs — I used the same key list for the CD version and download version)
  • Update PAD file to reflect Bingo Card Creator 3.0
  • Recruit Mac testers for BCC 3.0

Bingo Card Creator.net (my internal name for the web app version)

  • Set up staging.bingocardcreator.com for testing
  • User account page — edit name, email, password, Registration Key, etc
  • User dashboard — display existing lists, printouts
  • Word list editing workflow
  • Printing workflow
  • Generation of bingo cards PDFs
  • Cache saved PDFs to disk
  • Rewrite content publication to use Prawn & ImageMagick instead of laptop automation
  • DelayedJob integration to remove PDF generation from HTTP request/response cycle
  • Lightbox to present download BCC or sign up for BCC.net choice
  • Lazy logins (no login for guest mode, upsell to free trial)
  • Free trial upsells to $$$

Random tasks

  • Integrate signup with MailChimp API to do autoresponder series for hints & tricks
  • Set up mailing list for newsletter
  • Resize Slicehost slice to 512MB to accomodate anticipated need for DelayedJob instances and extra Mongrels
  • Blog about why I’m finally spending time to make a web version