Recently I blogged about how I was redesigning my landing page to increase conversions from AdWords.  I am almost embarassed how well this is working.

That picture pretty much tells the story: for the last 1,000 visitors, the One True Goal button got over 180 clicks, and the (equivalent) sign up free link above it picked up another 40.  When you add in the (not pictured) ways to convert lower on the page, plus ad back in the folks who went off to the home page but ended up converting to the trial later, the conversion rate is about 28%.  Yowza!  For comparison, I generally do well to get 21 to 22% on AdWords.

This means that the same number of impressions results in a third more trial downloads for me, and hopefully thus a third more sales.  Or, to phrase it another way, the cost of customer acquisition for me just declined by about 25%, which is good because AdWords is my largest expense by far.

Because of how Conversion Optimizer works (Google automatically adjusts your CPC bid to target your proposed CPA target), this likely means that over the next few weeks Google will increase the CPC bid I give for placement on sites like and whatnot.  That should increase the number of impressions (and hence, clicks and conversions) that I get.  Cross your fingers for me.

Photo credit to CrazyEgg, obviously.