I passed a bit of a milestone yesterday: I’ve sold $50,000 of Bingo Card Creator.

It is an arbitrary and meaningless milestone, but it put a smile on my face nonetheless.  I’m cautiously optimistic that the next $50,000 won’t take 3 years.  (Profits before taxes are somewhere in the $27,000 range if I’ve managed to tally all my receipts correctly — always unlikely until tax time rolls around.)

Wish me luck — the school year sales started this week and it appears that I will be moving out of the summer doldrums in style.  The online version is converting very well (1.7% of all trials, including a large portion of trials that wouldn’t reasonably have converted yet because it is too early).  My new ad campaigns are posting my highest conversion rates ever, courtesy of the online version being easy to sign up for.  My first newsletter, sent yesterday via Mailchimp, resulted in 2 sales ($60) for about $2 worth of email postage.

All in all, things are going pretty well business-wise.  More updates as they happen.