[Edited to add: Thanks for your interest!  The position has been filled.  If you’re interested in hearing from me the next time I need somebody and/or know of an opportunity, my email is always open.]

I’m again in the market for some freelance talent, and before I go to one of the body shopping sites and get inundated with proposals by folks offering to clone eBay for $25, I thought I would put the word out here.

The Project

Bingo Card Creator, my small software business, is intensely seasonal.  Many of my customers want to play, for example, Halloween bingo or Christmas bingo with the software.  It is in my interest to make it obvious to customers that that is possible, so I am developing a total of 13 mini-sites which pitch various holiday bingo activities.  The sites generally include bingo cards for the particular lesson, instructions for how to play bingo, suggestions on how to incorporate them into the lesson plan, and what have you.

What I Have

  • Two reference implementations for the type of writing I am going for.  (See above.)
  • The pictures, PDFs, and other resources you’ll need to include on the sites.
  • WordPress installed and an administration account configured on all sites.
  • Designs for the sites — this is not a coding project.
  • A brief one-page style guide.

What I Need The Freelancer To Do

  • Five pages per site describing how to play bingo and how Bingo Card Creator fits into that.  This is on the order of 500 to 800 words per page, plus associated formatting.  I will provide the 5 topics per each site.
  • Basic WordPress configuration: turn comments off, configure sidebar, copy/paste a line into Google Analytics plugin, set a particular page as the front page, etc.
  • Most importantly: the writing needs to be warm, inviting, and grammatically flawless.  I sell to teachers.  They notice these things.

Business Considerations

  • I am willing to pay $100 per site completed, via either Paypal or (if you live within the United States) check.  I have been known in the past to award bonuses for exceptional work.
  • I have previously paid in excess of $2,000 to freelancers without incident.  If you wish, I can provide references that I am a very no-nonsense client who provides clear direction, does not micromanage, and pays scarily promptly.
  • I am flexible on the timeframe for the project, but my sense of things is that each site is a few hours work, and that someone working very part-time on the project would complete it in about two months.

I would prefer working with a single person for this project but am willing to split it up if I have multiple qualified applicants.  The ideal applicant would have substantial experience with expectations in American elementary schools, as either a parent or teacher, but I’m willing to consider anyone.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please mail me at (my first name) @bingocardcreator.com  , and include a short one-paragraph explanation why you think you’d be a good fit.  If you aren’t personally interested in this, but know somebody who it would be a good fit for, please feel free to tell them about it.

I look forward to working with you on a fairly fun and mutually rewarding project.  Thanks!