Hideho everybody.  It is a five day weekend in Japan and I’m making the most of it.  On the agenda:

  1. Release BCC 3.0, finally.
  2. Add two new features to the online version.
  3. Finish a major article I’m writing.
  4. Start a new A/B test with the redesigned signup screens my designer is writing across the table as we speak.

If you’ve got a few minutes, I’d appreciate if you could download the Windows or Mac betas and tell me if they work properly on your system.  (If you can successfully print out one page of any Wizard, it works!)

New features:

  • It can save and load files from the clooooooooooooud.
  • It can export PDFs, for registered users at any rate.  (By calling a PDF creation web service, because I swear anything that reduces Java coding makes me happy.)
  • I have improved the registration process, transparently to the user, such that the majority of them will never have to see a Registration Key.  They just need to click OK.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.