Peldi from Balsamiq, who is hugely inspiring to the rest of the uISV community and myself, was interviewed for over an hour earlier this week on Mixergy.  Go watch it.  Everything he says about customer service, building remarkable products, early marketing (his post on the subject contains some of the best advice I’ve ever read), and competition just knocks it out of the park.

For folks here who have been reading me for a while but do not know about Mixergy yet: Andrew Warner does interviews with successful Internet business folks.  Most of them are inspiring, and many have killer, actionable tips that you can use in your businesses.  (I particularly like the one with the Wufoo guys, Peldi’s, and this one by Hiten Shah of Kissmetrics and, earlier, CrazyEgg, which I’ve mentioned a time or three here.)

Andrew interviewed me earlier, too.  The interview and transcript will be up one of these days, after the editors have made me sound intelligible.  (It is amazing what you can do with computers!)