Apologies for not posting this earlier — I put notices on my business websites but forgot that a lot of folks know me solely through the blog:

  • I live in Gifu, which is quite far from the earthquake epicenter.  We got shaken up a bit, but no permanent damage was done.  We’re landlocked so, unless the mountains fall into the sea, tsunamis are not an issue for us.
  • The people I’m close to in Japan are all OK.
  • We really appreciate your expressions of concern and prayers.
  • If you are wondering “What can I do?”, every day is a good day for charity.  I recommend the Red Cross or your local favorite charity.  In particular, disaster relief charities will use money collected today to help the folks affected by the next major incident, and it is highly probable that they are less well-situated than Japan is — we’re probably as well-prepared as anybody could be.

Thanks as always.  We’ll pull through this, don’t worry.